We had a fantastic day Saturday (Halloween) and quite a nice turn out for my send-off party. It was great to reconnect with old friends, and be able to show off my bike.

Twisted Throttle did a fantastic job on my DR650SE (2003) and it looks and runs GREAT! It’s the perfct setup for my ride to South America, and the bike fits me incredibly well. Plus, I was pleased that all the crap I packed fit into the panniers 🙂

Actually, I tried to pack really lightly, but when one is at home imagining a big trip, the mind distorts what you will actually need. I am sure as I travel I will throw out a bunch of stuff. The good news is that I weighed the Trax box liners when full of my stuff, and I was 13.5 pound on the right and 13.8 pounds on the left. The top case contents were about 6 lbs.

After the Twisted send-off we went and partied at Twisted Matt’s place. It was smarter not to start a big trip at the end of a big day, so I’m glad we overnighted in Peacedale.

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