Elite Track Days

So at the International Motorcycle Show I was pleased to bump into Moira of Elite Track Days. I first met her at Femmoto in Las Vegas in 2008, and was immediately impressed both by her riding skills and he willingness to help riders improve. Even as I was a “professional” working for BMW, she took me out on the track, led me around a few times, and showed me the best lines to take, exaggerating where she braked accelerated and turned, so I could learn. I took her card and vowed one day I would make it to Texas and attend her school.

Well, as luck would have it, Moira invited me to her track on the Weds following the Dallas Show. Why not? I decided to put off crossing the border for a couple of days and take advantage of her generous offer.


I took the bags off the bike, took off my camelbak, the GPS, and followed Roger around for a few introductory laps. I’ll admit it was exhilarating and scary simultaneously, and it took about 5 go’s through the blind downhill chicane before I finally stopped holding my breath and flowed smoothly through it.

Basically I worked on s-m-o-o-t-h-n-e-s-s and finesse. How embarassing would it have been to wad up before I even crossed the border?!?

Moira led me on a few mor laps while Roger went off and played, and then I was on my own! Just two or three of us on the track at any given time. The excitement was high and I only took a few pictures (further below).

If you are interested in taking a PHENOMENAL track day, sign up with Moira (512) 971-1231. There’s a reason they named themselves “elite”. Check them out at www.EliteTrackDays.com.

The heaps of stuff I took off my bike

Roger and Moira yakking it up after riding

Roger’s s-w-e-e-t Aprillia

I enjoyed Roger’s sense of humor

A view of the chicane from the viewing deck

Coming down the straightaway

Beauty shot of me all loaded up and all alone on the track


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