Day 7 – Rest Day

The ride leaders decided that we’d been pushing ourselves really hard and we needed a day of rest, so rest it is.

We got up leisurely, later than usual, and had a great breakfast in the back condo. We had a rider meeting, and then we held the Medallion Pass ceremony since we missed it yesterday with Neda getting sick. Once again it was a moving ceremony, remembering those that have passed, and also looking to the future and a CURE.

At first I thought I’d go crazy not riding for a day, but you know what? I’ve enjoyed being a little lazy to tell you the truth. It’s enabled me to catch up on some things at home and on the computer, and I even started a trashy novel I picked up at a rest area a week or two ago. It was a good time to be quiet by myself, chat with others, and in fact I shared “stories” and got to know some of the other women better. It’s such an honor to be with these awesome and dedicated women.

This evening we gathered for dinner, and got a surprise: our major sponsor, Proogressive Insurance, donated T shirts, so we all now have “Dirty Dozen” T-shirts. Also Carolyn, Neda and Daryl presented us all with souvenir little keys with the word “courage” inscribed on them. I was moved by this and have hung mine on a pink nylon string I had with me and it will now be my permanent necklace.

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