AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference Pics

Meet Jasmine. I met her at the Horizon’s Unlimited Travelers’ Event in Cambria, CA last year. She’d just ridden 300 miles, her longest day ever, and she said she was so tired she felt like crying. I was so happy to see her at the AMA Event (and really impressed with her husband Michael that he took the time to ride with her here.)


So, fast-forward 8 months, and here’s Jasmine’s bike now:



That, my friends, is a picture of her bike from her last two months of riding! She’s been all over, and is a super trooper. She’s pushed her boundaries all over the place, and for me is a role model on going for your dream and not giving up. She’s also proof that you can be sexy and feminine and still a biker babe. Yeah Jasmine!

Here’s Peg Preble giving a presentation in the Moto Action Center. We met during the 2009 Adventure for a Cure. Peg is quite the accomplished rider as well, and I was lucky enough to share a room with her a coupe of nights so we got to visit.


And here’s the lady I want to be when I grow up: Sue Slate of the Women’s motorcyclist Foundation.  She started dual sport riding when she was 59, and this lady has been all over the map now. Look out, world, because Sue and Gin (Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation) and I have teamed up and will be doing Adventures for the Cure on the Continental Divide starting next year (2013)




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