AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference Pics II

Here are some pictures from the dual sport ride sponsored by Carson City KTM at the AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference. Thanks, George, for showing us a lovely, if slightly arduous challenging, “all levels” route. I sure got a workout on my 950!

My friends Amy and Carolyn. Hi ladies!


Everyone pitched in to help fix Amara’s flat…




Here’s the entire group at work (me? I had the spare tube and the tube pulling tool, so I stood around and did what any adventure rider would do…I took pictures!)



This large piece of wood was the culprit int he flat tire incident…can you believe it?


Here’s the hole in Amara’s tire left by that chunk of wood. INCREDIBLE!



We finally all made it to the AMA party in Silver City…we made quite and entrance being the last ones to arrive–all dirty and trail-worn. (but dang!, don’t I look good in my new Klim suit?) 🙂










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