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Nov 4th
Machester, MD – Hillsboro, WV
Moving time: 6:00
298 miles

Jeez, I was cold today. It seemed pretty warm when I got started, but it never got above about 50 degrees today…so my body core eventually got cooler and cooler. Twisted Throttle set up the bike with heated hand grips and a plug for my electric (Gerbings) . The DR650 has a puny alternator, so Twisted also very cleverly installed a battery monitor — a little dashboard device — that shows me whether I am running the battery down or whether it is being charged. It took some getting used to because it was another light that I had to keep track of.

Anyway, since the DR650 has a puny alternator, I cannot run all the electrical heating devices all at once. I have to decide whether I want my body warm, my hands warm, or just a little of both. Cleverly, Twisted throttle also installed a headlight “kill” switch, so I can turn off the stock headlight (that draws ~30 amps) and instead use the Denali LED lights that are super bright (that draw ~1.5 amps). In other words, I have a Rubick’s cube of electricity I can play with to keep me comfortable.

Anyway, I rode almost 300 miles, some highway and a bunch of county roads (I highly recommend WV 219–great road!) to Joel’s place.

I didn’t know Joel (he is the brother of my friend Linda) and had never been to his place. He suggested meeting me on the other side of the river and driving me across…I said “no, that’s OK, I ride a dualsport I can cross a river”. Well, here’s the river separating Joel from from the rest of civilization:Greenbriar River

mmm…lemme rethink that. 2-3′ deep, ~450 feet across, 45 degrees, and almost dark.

No thank you, I opted for the truck.SA_Trip_USA 094

Both ways 😉

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