Back in Connecticut

Well I got back to Connecticut yesterday.

I was ready to cry mercy by the time I got back “home”–1100 miles in the cold on a small dirtbike, I must have earned some tough biker chick award or *something*. Dang, it was a long, cold ride.

So now I have a couple of weeks of “down” time–finishing up a couple of projects, writing magazine articles about my adventures so I can have some things in print while I am away, and processing my post Trans America Trail stuff of life.

And most importantly: getting the bike ready for South America. The question is: which bike? I’ve been talking to BMW Motorrad about them “sponsoring” me, which is a very exciting prospect. I plan on making my ride a fundraiser / awareness vehicle for finding breast cancer cures, and it would be GREAT to have them on board. But regarding which bike, Do I get the engine fixed on my DR350? Do I say enough is enough for that little bike and get a DR650? Do I ride my 1150 GSA that’s heavier than all get out, but all set to go? Or do I keep holding my breath and waiting for BMW to come through?

Leaves me in a bit of a pickle, not knowing which bike I am riding 3 weeks before the trip, but I’ve always been a gal that pulls it all together at the last minute…..

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