Writing, but not in the way I’d intended (and it’s all good)

Remember last week I asked for an accountability partner? Yeah, I still need one.

My week has exploded in a variety of good ways; one is an unexpected PAYING article, which is very nice, and two and three were two separate offers of support that have pushed me in a slightly different direction. See, for a year now I’ve been writing an “Ask MotoAdventureGal” column that I publish for motorcycle dealers to use in their email and newsletter communications. I saw it as a win-win for them–professionally written content geared towards women riders in a time when they want to attract women riders. The win for me is that I get to advertise my motorcycle tours to a broader audience.

Well, I admit that last year I hadn’t done a whole lot to promote the column, and with the new year and some new input from colleagues, I’ve decided to really get the word out. So the last week has turned into a networking extravaganza, with amazing support from a wide variety of friends and colleagues. I AM ALWAYS AMAZED AT HOW ONE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS WHEN ONE SETS AN INTENTION.

And I admit that it feels good to be flowing creativity again, to be writing consistently (albeit not “The Book”), and it feels good to be doing this. So I know I am on the right path because it feels exciting and productive and I feel *connected*. And THAT, my friends, is why I travel. To be able to have that feeling at home, sitting in my cozy office, working toward a goal I believe in, well, it’s paradise.  Here’s a link to my press release if you have a friend that works at a motorcycle dealership. I’d love you to forward it to them: Ask MotoAdventureGal Column Press Release

Why is a monthly column my “calling”? Well, it’s not just the column. It’s all part of a re-invigorated MotoAdventureGal–see, I ride, I write, I repeat. I ride, I write my blog, I write my column that tells people about my riding and writing, I lead tours that teach women how to tour by motorcycle, I blog more, I write a column that helps advertise my tours, so I can ride more and write more, and I do presentations on my travels at motorcycle dealerships so I can travel and meet more people and ride more and tell more people about my tours and spend more time traveling and inspiring people to become more of who they are as I become more of who I am. Yeah, perhaps a little too much caffeine this morning but you get my point now: feeling like we have a purpose, feeling like we’re on track, feeling like we’ve finally, FINALLY figured out what life is about, well, it’s a powerful moment folks.

I hope you find a way to follow your passion, even if it’s just for today.


MotoAdventureGal on her KTM in California
This photo was taken by my friend Igor when we rode together in California last year. (Igor and I met on my South America Trip–we met New Year’s Day in El Salvador and rode into the Darien Gap (Panama) together.)




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