Visiting Carlsbad Caverns (NM)

Yesterday I went with my New Mexico hosts to Carlsbad, NM. First, we took a walk along the Pecos River

Pecos River Walk, Carlsbad, NM


Pecos River Walk, Carlsbad, NM


Ah, Thanksgiving. Yes, I ate too much food.

Two plates becasue I never grew out of not wanting my food to touch.


but then I got to walk it off visiting Carlsbad Caverns.

MotoAdventureGal at Carlsbad Caverns 2012

If you have never been there,  let me tell you it is awe-inspiring. Called the Eighth wonder of the World, the subterranean beauty will take your breath way (even if the 750′ elevator ride  or 1.2 mile hike into its depths does not).

Enjoy the pictures!

Rangers say no gum, food, drink, or touching these beautiful and delicate formations.



By the way, there is no colored light in the Caverns: all the colors you see are the natural colors of the rocks.



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