Suffering like a true pilgrim

Ha! Yeap, unlike my first Camino I·m plagued with blisters this time. My feet are killing me and every step of the way I am reminded of exactly how much crap I am carrying in my bacpack. Such is the life of a pilgrim, and yes, I am loving every minute of it.

Where else, in a day, can I (literally) walk my ass off while speaking German, Spansh and English, at times all in the same sentence?

Where else can I hear Russian, German, English, Dutch, French and my own bren Spanish in the course of a day? It´s remarkable.

I am taking heaps of pictures, but sadly usually only get about 20 mins at a time for internet (free at a lot of the albergues) so pics will come at the end of the jurney I´m afraid.

Wish me a Buen Camino–I´m off to soak my feet.

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