Santiago de Compostela – the Credencial (credential)

I’ve been organizing my office and I came across the Credencial I received when I arrived at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) June 7, 2012. It was quite an important day for me–I started in Spain and I’d been walking for over a month to arrive in Santiago. Somehow, in 2012, it was MUCH more difficult that when I walked the Camino across Spain in 2006. Less fit? Plumper? Six years older? I’m not exactly sure what made it more difficult, but this time it was. This year I SUFFERED.

Here’s a suffering picture to refresh your memory:

Camino de Santiago 2012: A little self-doctoring
Camino de Santiago 2012: A little self-doctoring


Here’s a happier picture when I finally arrived in Santiago:


And here are pics of my Credencial:
Each albergue (hostel specifically for pilgrims) where you stay along the way has their own stamp. Each pilgrim carries a credencial that he/she carries. (I bought mine in St. Jean Pied du port, France, where I started the Camino, so mine’s in French.) Having a stamp for each night of your walk confirms how long you have been on the Camino and also becomes the “proof” of your pilgrimage when you arrive in Santiago. There you receive a Compostela for your efforts. The Compostela is free, but a sturdy tube to roll it up in costs you a Euro. 🙂






So artistic, aren’t they?

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