One Week on the Camino

Well, the blisters upon blister have finally healed, and walking is pretty good. 25 kms per day are easy now, which is about 15 miles. I got my backpack down to about 10-12 lbs I think and life is good. I shipped almost 4 kilos (8 lbs) ahead to Santiago–my large camera and all my electronics and wool hat and socks, which I now miss since it´s been raining cats and dogs for two days straight and muddy as heck. AND I am not even in rainy Galaicia yet.

Tonight I am in Belorado, and we´re in wine country. La Rioja is the wine capital of Spain, and a good bottle is about 3-4 Euros. I am taking full advantage. There is a saying on the Camino “Con pan y vino se anda el Camino”…with wine and bread one walks the Camino. Yeap, plenty of bread here. Taking full advantage there too 🙂

The days are full and I am loving it.

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