Sunday March 21, 2010 continued

Nazca! Have you heard about the Nazca lines? They are these lines in the desert–nobody really knows why they are there— made my overturning the rocks int he desert so that the darker sides of the rocks outline figures in the desert. They are best seen from high up, but I, being cheap, was not going to pay to see them from an airplane, so I paid a couple of bucks and climbed the tower.

Nope, those are car tracks parallel to the road silly…

Here’s the tree… (yes, those ARE car tracks on the Nazca lines — how disappointing!)

The sun is getting low, and Id better get to town and find a hotel. Wait, what’s this? From way up in the tower I spy another moto-traveler. I watch wistfully as he/she passes by…wow. I’ve been alone for a looooooooooong time. I guess some company would be nice. Oh well.

Leaving the tower…

I see Mr. Motorcycle dude in front of thee first hotel in Nazca, so I decide to stop and check t out. There are hecklers in front offering me rooms at other places fro cheaper, telling me that this place is really expensive. I tell them I will see  for myself, and go inside.

Not bad…it’s beautiful inside. AND I get a room in the back for 20 soles ($7) with a shared bath. what the heck. It’s got spanking fast wifi and and I can sit be the pool and catch up with the world…I end up staying 4 nights!!!

Mr. Motorcycler is Walther, and he’s Dutch. We start yakking, then decide to continue yakking over dinner. He’s one cool cat, a super photographer, and a neat guy with a refreshing attitude. I love Europeans because it seems no topic is taboo. He’s so cool I am hooking him up with friends in the USA when he gets there. He’s Northbound on his Yamaha (BTW, he’s done this trip before–ON A BICYCLE!!!).

Here’s his web page:

An here’s us right before he takes off:

Walter was cute, but this babe r-o-c-k-s. She went strolling past me one afternoon in the hotel…turns out she is the “hotel turtle”. I’m enchanted!

(Here’s my office for the next 4 days…see my computer? The pool is stage left)

I decide to take a break from Pollo Rico (Tasty Chicken) about four doors own–I’ve eaten there for 4 days straight. Here’s breakfast at the hotel:

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