Motorcycle Ride the Continental Divide (Riding the Divide)-Gilas

Made it to Antelope Wells Aug 5th.


Continental Divide Motorcyce Ride - Antelope Wells


Then we started riding North.

[Alisa has a small meltdown in Lordsburg over the mysterious workings of her new GPS, and then the trip continues. ]

We finally start riding our first bit of dirt, and it throws us a loop within the first mile: thin gravel turns into deep gravel (or worse, sand) int eh blink of an eye. Note to selves: pay keen attention at all times!

Motorcycle Ride on the Continental Divide
Looks easy enough to ride…


Yup, turns right interesting right quick…GSPDman tips over in the sand, but by the time I get my camera out he’s already got the bike up.




But there were witnesses!!!



The Santa Rita mine
The Santa Rita mine


The Santa Rita mine
They say they are going to “Reclaim the Land”…yeah. let me know how that works out covering up what was once the largest open-pit mine in the world.


(It’s also called the Chino mine and here’s more info on it if you are interested:


Back onto some dirt:


well, ALL RIGHT!


It takes a little bit of doing on my part, but I finally convince GSPDman to let some air out of his tires for an easier ride. Well, maybe it was the incessant washboards that convinced him…


Campsite night #2…slightly off the forest road in the Gila Mountains.





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