OK, so I met another crazy DR650 rider, Eden Connell, from Australia. (https://zoominwitheden.com/)

He read a post I made on Horizons Unlimited (www.horizonsunlimited.com), a web site for motorbikers, and discovered we were riding the same bike (which, it turns out, is an unusual mode for this trip). Anyway, he just wrote a hello email to me, saying he was in Cuzco. I was in Cuzco. Tada! We decided to meet for breakfast.


I love other people’s stories, so here’s Eden’s:

He was traveling for several months in the USA, Central America, and when he got to Colombia he met an Australian motorbiker that wanted to sell his bike. Voila! The decision was made (he had motorbike experience at home) and now he’s one of us Moto-Travelers. He’s taking the s-l-o-w- road South, and he’s got a refreshing attitude towards travel I hope to adopt (he takes everything in stride–I tend to take everything personally!) and…


he’s a fabulous photographer!

(Some of) my prayers have been answered…hopefully I can learn from him how to use my G10 to take even better photographs.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At breakfast I tell Eden I am disgusted with trying to get to MachuPicchu, and he tells me he’s found this tour… we go to the agency, it seems like a good deal ($150 and we’ll ride to Santa Theresa and meet the group, leave the bikes there, and hike the rest of the way in to Aguas Calientes/Macchu Picchu). Sounds like a good plan, and I am happy to have a riding companion.

The tour leaves Friday, so we part ways and agree to meet up on Friday. SWET!

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