Around Cuzco

March 30, 2010

It was Semana Santa (Holy Week), and today was the big day. The Senor de los Temblores was going to make his march around the city…People lines up HOURS beforehand…

Yup, it rained pretty much every day I was here.

Guess which one’s the politician?

After the parade, some detail on a light post. I Like!

OK, here´s the scene at the train station…Macchu Piccu JUST opened, tourists from everywhere are scampering to book their tickets, there´s a rumor on the street that you will not be able to purchase entry to Mp without a round-trip train ticket…

There are 60 people ahead of me in line. I hand back in my ticket–it’s just not worth it! I guess I won´t see Macchu Picchu after all…poor me. It was gonna be one of the highlights of the trip.

I walk back to my hotel, disgusted. I´ve got the camera and so I take more city pics…

The Senor de los Temblores comes BACK to the cathedral that night, and I am told that 10,000 people will enter Cuzco and take part in the festivities…I guess it´s a good thing that I arrived yesterday–otherwise all the streets would have been blocked off!

Can you believe that in this crowd I run into bruno and Nathalie again? SWEET! They are so adorable. We chat in the street for close to an hour, then I go inside. Enough crowds for me!

Later that night I head over to Norton Rat´s bar, and while I wait for jeffrey the owner to come in, I get a look at THE BOOK. I get all goose-bumpey–it´s a who´s who of whose ridden in SA, and many of the people in the book have inspired my own travels — Lois Pryce for one (Lois on the Loose). Ricardo Rocco is also in there (met on the road to Cali and went to his birthday party in Quito), and several ADVriders I know.

Here´s one entry I really liked…

I get back to the hostal, check emails, and there´s an email from Eden, who also happens to be riding a DR650, and who also happens to be in Cuzco. We decide to meet for breakfast the next morning.

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