Azores: 2014

Hello Everyone,

I had a quiet couple of months in California setting up our new base camp., and now I am off traveling again. I arrived in the Azores April 2nd, and I am once again working for Biosphere Expeditions. This is my third year leading the Azorian Expeditions (click this link to see details on our work here).

Here’s what I will be writing about for the next month:

This is the blue whale:

This is Pico showing her stuff during a brief bit of sunshine:IMG_3239


The striped dolphins (click on the picture and you’ll see a larger version):DSC_1486


More striped dolphins:DSC_1487



Mother and baby sperm whale doing a simultaneous dive.



We’ve seen common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, a fin whale, and a blue whale yesterday. Stay tuned…



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