New Project: Womens Empowerment Motorcycle Tour

I am excited to report that I am teaming up with dear friend and colleague Karen Thomson of AVID MotoTours to offer a motorcycle tour summer 2011 that empowers women and teaches them how to tour.

We’re going to cover all aspects of motorcycle touring–pre-trip planning, safety on the road, traveling solo or in a group, map reading, GPS lessons, simple motorcycle maintenance, skill building exercises, and general bonding. A rolling classroom, if you will, to share the magic of motorcycling through some of the best scenery and on the best roads in the Northwest. The cool part of how we’re setting up the tour is that women can participate in the tour just to ride with other women for 9 days, OR they can take advantage of all the coaching. Women can ride with the tour leaders or not, ride with others or not.

Karen and I are really excited about this–we love empowering other
women and giving back some of what motorcycling has given us over the years. You may have heard me talk about my Women’s coast-to-coast ride, for women who think they cannot ride across the country. Well this is the first step. 2011 we’re offering a loop tour through the Pacific Northwest, with the hopes of expanding it to the cross-country version in 2012. We realize that not everyone can take two to three weeks off to ride across country, that’s why we’re doing a nine-day tour first.

Click HERE to see the press release I just issued this morning. I am so excited I can hardly wait!

For more information on the tour, folks can go to our web page at or email me directly at Alisa at

Route Map
Route Map

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