Summer Solstice at the Griffith Observatory

Last Saturday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Edward and I decided to make a day of it–little did we know that half of Los Angeles had the same idea…

So we wandered around a little bit, took a hike up the mountain looking for the best view of the “HOLLYWOOD” sign, and then took in the exhibits.





Downtown Los Angeles


I posted on FaceBook that I’ve been orbiting around Edward for a six years now…so true. He’s my anchor, and I always keep coming back.

We brought along picnic fixin’s and stopped in a park to dine.


Sushi! My favorite!



Well, I went back to the truck for something, and when I turned around we had a visitor. Needless to say, I was slightly alarmed…

Photo by Edward
Sniffing out the pate fat Edward tossed (Photo by Edward)
Photo by Edward
Mmmm…what else is there that these people might have thrown away? (Photo by Edward)
Photo by Edward
I think I’ll just hang out here for a while because these seems like cool folks…(Photo by Edward)

In the end it turned out to be an incredible experience. Since the coyote seemed at ease with humans, I kicked a bone that was on the lawn in his direction and he went over to investigate. I went back to the table, and we watched him play with the bone, then eventually meander off.

Both Edward and I felt gratitude for the encounter. Here’s the only picture I got off with my new lens (that did not like the low level of light in the Park.)


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