My morning “commute”

This morning I told Vera that I would check the box traps at Frankposten and Bergposten…so I made my tea, climbed into the Landcruiser, and took off across the farm.

Morning Commute on Okambara
Morning Commute on Okambara

The morning tally was:

15 oryx (gemsbok)
4 oryx calves
50+ black wildebeest
11 sable antelope
15 springbok
5 kudu
2 giraffe
2 steenbok
and a whole bunch of horses.

Now why don’t I post pictures of everything I saw? Well, I did get pics of the sable and some kudu, but they locked inside my Canon with the big lens at the moment…I’m having some driver issues so I only have this one from the little camera. Sorry.

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