Israel – Second Day – Night at the Kibbutz

Second night of the tour we stayed in a Kibbutz-an Israeli community. We got a great tour by co-founder and resident Buffy, with lots of insights into their communal lives, struggles living 2 km (1.2 miles) from a contentious Lebanese border and growing pains as a community and a way of life.

Nice room!


Buffy giving us the grand tour.
Not-quite-ripe passion fruit.
Then Buffy went into her yard to get some ripe ones for us to try.
Pretty tart!


Ripe lychee=YUM! We all ate several!
Buffy was adorable! And such a wonderful hostess and tour guide. Here she is explaining all the things growing in her yard.
On the way back to our quarters we passed a neighbor of hers and she was raving about his exotic orchids…so he invited us into his greenhouse to see them. AMAZING!



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