Israel – Day Three – Fun with Food Pics

Mom always told us not to play with the food, but yesterday the heat got to me. We had a yummy lunch in Akko and I guess I found the salt shakers highly amusing.

Turnips in Israel
Interesting color…I had to try one. (Turnips prepared in a beet sauce.)
Stewed tomatoes (Israeli style)
Stewed tomatoes (Israeli style)
“Salad” (which is any version of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, maybe some corn, with a lively light vinaigrette dressing)
Clean Plate
Finished! (That red stuff? The Israeli version of ketchup. Tastes good, but it’s not good ‘ole Heinz!)
Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee after the meal (I tried it but it’s too strong for my taste)

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