Hanging out in Malibu

It May be Monday, but I don’t have the blues.  I’m hanging out in Malibu!
The Horizons Unlimited event is over, and my friend Chris invited me to come and visit for a few days. He and I and another friend Kim rode here together from the event.
Kim on her Honda 750 (send me an email if you want a close-up of the pics on her bike--the bike was the talk of the event)

Chris took me on some local roads, not just down the highway, and so it was a lovely end to a great weekend.

Typical California... riding to Malibu (2011)


We were even joined for a while by a famous motorcyclist…anyone recognize this famous traveler?


We stopped at an old stagecoach stop-turned local and motorcycle hang-out, and it was pretty neat. (You’ll have to wait to hear about that until the story hits print.)

At one point we *did* get on the 101…Here’s a video from the helmet cam: (Mom, you can stop reading right now.)


Scared the bleep out of me…and I’ve ridden in some bleepy places!!!


Pictures from the HU event coming up next…

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