Getting Ready to Ride

Well, I’m looking at my calendar and starting next week I don’t have any empty spaces left in it!

I’ve been re-grouping and re-focusing in Southern California. We moved residences at the end of February and that buggered me up for quite a while. Now I have a lovely new office in a lovely new home and I’ve been furiously pounding away at the keyboard for quite some months now. I’ve written a considerable amount of articles and have been spending al my free time working n my pet project the 2016 Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride. More about that later. (If there are any expert fundraisers or even planners that read my blog and you want to give me some professional advice know that I am looking for a mentor!)

This week I am at home to put the finishing touches on my writing and other projects, and then it’s travel time! Friday I picked up a shiny new Indian Motorcycle to ride to Colorado. I’ll be a speaker at the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit in Loveland, Colorado. Not too shabby a place to have a birthday…

So. I’m starting to travel again which means more stories for the blog.

Ready to rock and roll?



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