Elephants in Etosha

[I am back in the United States now, 09 December, but still have so many things to share with you that I will just keep rolling with the Africa posts…]

This was still the first morning in the Park.These bull elephants were HUGE! Much bigger than the ones we have on Okambara…_G8Q2229

Ever seen a giraffe drink? It’s pretty awkward!




This was the following at, at a different water hole. Amazing! I could watch them for hours! (And I did!)


Toss in a little zebra for contrast…


Wee ones! They are the best!



Where the water comes out. It was fascinating to watch the pecking order at the source of the water, and only those with strong ties to the dominant elephants got to drink the fresh water. The others had to settle for drinking the “bath” water below.








And then…and then…the very special treat…OSTRICH BABIES! (I was unduly excited.) The ostrich family took their time approaching the water hole…for them it was a careful balance of not getting trampled by the milling elephants, and the ostriches not spending too much time at the waterhole, where they are most vulnerable to predators. In the end the family got their drinks and left while the elephants were still there.







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