Best Christmas Ever! (2013)

This year we went completely non-commercial. No wrapping, no bows, not even presents! Just bare feet and beautiful weather. (Sure it feels a little weird to have my very first non-snowy Christmas ever, but you know what? I can already tell you that snow is way overrated!)

You might have guessed that I’m not in Idaho, and you’d be correct.  Edward and I moved to the Los Angeles area last week. He’s got an exciting new job that’s top secret until 02 January. And for me there’s no looking back (to Idaho). As a wonderful friend of mine pointed out “The move sounds like a typical chapter in your life!! Everything happening all of a sudden at once.” And that about sums it up!

Despite the lack of snow, I did get into the holiday spirit and decorated my pink Christmas tree. It’s a long story, but it runs something along the lines of Edward being a curmudgeon at Christmas a few years ago and my threatening a pink Christmas tree, which I obviously carried out…

Anyway. Mr. Purr was posing by the Christmas tree this morning:

Photo credit: EW
Photo credit: EW

But we really know what she was thinking*….

Photo credit: EW
Photo credit: EW
But basically here’s how the afternoon went:

IMG_0078  IMG_0080


Yes, you have that right. Shorts and no shoes. I am already in love with southern California!

Merry Merry to everyone!





*No, I have not mixed up her gender. That actually happened years ago when I found her. After hours of studying cat genitalia on the Internet the veterinarian corrected my mistake sic months later when we brought him/her in to be neutered (spayed). Edward never recovered from my mistake, however, and still refers to her as a “him”. Silly man.*




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