Cogent Dynamics – suspension setup

Taking care of Business
Fletcher, NC – Sapphire, NC
~70 miles

Joyce made a yummy delicious breakfast for us in the morning,

SA_Trip_USA 116

SA_Trip_USA 117

then all of us went to the workshop.

Another man-toy world, Rick has a tool to do *everything*. One of the coolest (I think) is the one in the corner where he can dyno the shocks to make sure they fit the customer’s spec perfectly. The tool even talks to a computer and he gets an immediate read out.

So while Joyce continued running the business, rick took the time put my bike on the bench and set the damping and spring rate perfectly for my weight and the weight of my luggage. I’d given him a good guesstimate when we mailed the front forks and rear shock to him, but I’d forgotten to ccalculate in the 40 lbs of riding gear I wear. (Surprised me, too! When I put it all in a bag and put itt ont he scale I could not believe it!)

Rick doing what he does:








And after that, sweet man that he is, he even checked my tire pressures (low!) and all bike systems. Then he went for a test ride to make sure I was good-to-go!

I need a pressure guage like this–easy to read:
SA_Trip_USA 118

Around 11:00 the Asheville TV station WLOS came and interviewed me. It was my first time in front of the camera like that and a bit nerve wracking. Joyce said I did good, but laughed nervously a few times. Well I WAS nervous!

We went to the rockin’ BBQ place in Asheville, NC for lunch — 12 Bones. Go there is you are within 100 miles of the place, and don’t be dismayed by the line out the door: It’s well worth it.

[sorry, was so hungry i forgot the food pic]

Group photo before leaving
SA_Trip_USA 123

then off to the Buncumbe health dept. for my 2nd hepatitus A/B shot

SA_Trip_USA 124

next stop: Mom’s place only about 70 miles away. But as luck would gave it the devil got into my GPS again and I did a lap around Asheville before overriding the GPS with common sense and going the way that I knew.


Got to Mom’s at 5:30, we chatted for a bit and turned ont he evening news. Watched from 6:00 – 6:30 and NOTHING! We were so disappointed. I called rRck and Joyce, and it was on the FIVE THIRTY News. ARGH! Mom and I were just sitting there catching up and I missed my 15 seconds of fame. Oh well, it’s bad enough my hair turned pink, I don’t need a swelled head to go with it. 🙂

Day 7
Rest / catch-up day at Mom’s

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