Just landed in Italy

It’s been nearly a decade since I visited Italy, and I have to say I am so happy to be here! Yesterday I flew from Los Angeles to Switzerland, changed planes and then landed in Pisa. We were supposed to land in Florence ¬†(I could not find my flight on the flight board at the airport, then realized that I needed to use the local vernacular, Firenze), but due to bad weather we got redirected tof Pisa–unfortunately, I did not get to see the leaning tower because they quickly ¬†shuttled us onto a bus and drove us to the Florence Airport…

I was pretty worn out upon arrival, by the time I got to the hotel here in Fiesole it was nearly midnight local time so I just went to sleep. They put me in a small cottage on the grounds, and it was wonderful to have my own little space. Little, indeed, because I forgot how small European hotel rooms are, even cottages! It was a delight to wake up this morning and see where I’m located in daylight. I’m in Fiesole, built on a hill by the Etruscans. Later, the Romans moved in and built Firenze in the valley. This area was almost abandoned after the Romans colonized the area in 1125, as I understand it. This hillside city, being much cooler and more picturesque than down in the valley, became a second home site in the 15th century. It’s also a lovely place for visitors to stay in modern times if you don’t want to stay within the hustle and bustle of Florence.


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