Hm. I think it’s fairly impossible to just step back into your previous life after a journey like I’ve taken. I think 6+ months out of your daily routine, 6+ months all alone, 6+ months learning to rely 100% on yourself in ways you never imagined, is a powerful catalyst for change. Travel enables one to see their life, their circumstances, and their habits from a unique perspective in a way that nothing else does. And being out of a routine for 6+months allows you to see your routine as just that–routine, and not necessarily as a way life “is” or necessarily has to be.   So now I can *choose* what I want in my life, and what I don’t.Read More →

May 19-23, 2010 My flight from Buenos Aires stopped in Houston, where I cleared myself through customs. I’d been out of the country 7 months, had 26 extra pages tacked into my passport, and they only said “welcome home”. I DID ask for a stamp 🙂 and I got it. Karen picked me up at the Sea-Tac airport, and brought me back to her place in Snohomish, North-West of Seattle. It was a sunny day, cool-ish, 70-ish, and I remember thinking it was a lot nicer here than in Buenos Aires. That night we went to an ADVrider meet & greet some nice folks had set up, and I got to meet lots of great motorbikers, Seattle locals. Timmer wasRead More →