The ride leaders decided that we’d been pushing ourselves really hard and we needed a day of rest, so rest it is. We got up leisurely, later than usual, and had a great breakfast in the back condo. We had a rider meeting, and then we held the Medallion Pass ceremony since we missed it yesterday with Neda getting sick. Once again it was a moving ceremony, remembering those that have passed, and also looking to the future and a CURE. At first I thought I’d go crazy not riding for a day, but you know what? I’ve enjoyed being a little lazy to tell you the truth. It’s enabled me to catch up on some things at home andRead More →

I’ve been so “busy” and having so much fun it’s been hard to keep up with the blog. Plus, I confess, I feel badly for being “behind” so I’ve been looking for a large chunk of time to catch up. Well, you know what? It’s not happening. So I am just starting from here, this point in time, and moving forward. A good lesson for life, eh?Read More →