Arrival in Connecticut

Well, I’ve arrived in Connecticut and all is not as it should be. My tenants did a number on my house, and of course I want it back to perfect ASAP. I refuse to stay there because it smells so badly of dog urine it’s disgusting, so I am staying with friends. Most inconvenient. I’m working on getting it put back together as lovely as when I left it.

The good news is that I am loving my new DR. It’s a great little commuter. I’m also loving my Klim ladies riding suit because it keeps me dry on the inside through this incredible wet weather.  I “commute” in it to the house.

It’s really great to see all my friends, and reconnect with all the wonderful women I am close to here.

OK, if I go silent for a while it’s because I have my hands full full FULL.

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