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Alexia “Lexy” Sherman

Alexia "Lexy" Sherman
Alexia “Lexy” Sherman

“I’m a motorcycle rider and of course wanted to read Alisa’s book as soon as possible. Alisa, like many of us, was struggling to find her path / purpose in life … and it happened to be motorcycling. She takes us on her journey in a very inspiring easy read that flows from one chapter to the next. I have several takeaways from her book, i.e. belonging vs. fitting in (big one for me), how to view failure differently learning from it, how moto confidence instinctively overflows into life confidence, and my favorite, “Ride your own ride and enjoy the heck out of it.” This book has something for everyone – you don’t have to ride a motorcycle to enjoy reading about Alisa’s experiences. However, you never know, you may want to learn!”

5/5 Stars.