Event Management

Last year I managed a three-week cross-country event with 20+ volunteer staff and a nearly half a million dollar budget. We achieved a monumental amount of press and rocked the Powersports Industry. www.SistersMotorcycleRide.com

Writing with Authority

I write for a variety of regional and national magazines, newspapers and I am a guest blogger. Writing is what I was born to do, and I do it well. Corporate profiles are my specialty. I’m terrific at telephone interviews and condensing a conversation into a cohesive, well-rounded piece.

Marketing Prowess

An entrepreneur most of my life, I excel at writing marketing copy. I’ve done everything from writing marketing copy to executing marketing plans and buying media. I excel at grassroots marketing and brainstorming ingenious ideas to get my clients more traction in the marketplace.

Viewing the world from a two-wheeled perspective

Motorcycling has changed my life. I’ve been riding a motorcycle since 1995, and it’s become not only a form of self-expression yet also the lens through which I view the world. It’s hard to believe that when I first started riding I was a shy housewife. Yet yes, through my passion for motorcycling and the personal (perceived) limitations I’ve broken through, I’ve been empowered to live a bold life I love.

I am truly one of the luckiest women in the world, and yet it hasn’t all been “easy”. I choose to remain positive through my writing, and I choose to share the positive experiences in which I grown, healed, and expanded my own horizons beyond anything I previously thought possible for myself. I love sharing my passion for the sport of motorcycling through my writing, yet it’s not all who I am.

I am a passionate conservationist, a world traveler, a curious citizen of the world. I’m a people person and nothing brings me greater joy than connecting with others on an authentic level. I’ve met wonderful folks all over the world and sometimes I even have the privilege of sharing their stories through the written word.


Contact Me:

(562) 395-3830
Los Angeles, California