Womens Empowerment Motorcycle Tour 2011: Day Nine (Last Day) I wake up before the alarm goes off, and look out the window. It’s a sad day–last day of the tour. But we have a lot of miles to cover, and a volcano to see, so let’s get started. We leave Cascade Locks in a group, but we split up along the way due to our individual interests. Karen has re-routed us onto the WEST side of Mount St. Helens since the pass on the East side is still closed due to snow (!). This means a longer day, so some go straight to the hotel. I take off with Pam and Karen, but these gals go so fast I justRead More →

Womens Empowerment Motorcycle Tour 2011: Day Eight Bend to Cascade Locks Today was my day to play. Charlene and I took off to ride, and we caught glimpses of Mt. Hood along our path. There was construction on the road, so we took a detour up to the ski area to get some decent pics of the snow capped mountain. We stopped in Hood River and had a FANTASTIC lunch on a deck overlooking the Columbia River, and egad, what’s wrong with me? no pics. No food pics, no river pics. We were the first ones to arrive in Cascade Locks, so I made the dinner plans while Charlene rested on the deck overlooking the river. What a pretty place!Read More →

Everything said and done, I have to admit while I found theĀ  whole Panama City experience very stressful, I had it SUPER easy. What a lucky turn of fate that I got introduced to Adolfo, and that he happened to be shipping his bike the same week I’d been corresponding with a couple other moto-travelers, and for a few weeks we’d all been trying to research– independently, and then sharing information–how to get across the Darien Gap both economically and efficiently. It was frustrating trying to juggle that with the daily travels, and quite stress-producing actually. many folks on ADVrider.com and HorizonsUnlimited.com advised that all would become clear in Panama…that basically you arrive in Panama City, do a little sightseeing,Read More →