Made it to Antelope Wells Aug 5th.     Then we started riding North. [Alisa has a small meltdown in Lordsburg over the mysterious workings of her new GPS, and then the trip continues. ] We finally start riding our first bit of dirt, and it throws us a loop within the first mile: thin gravel turns into deep gravel (or worse, sand) int eh blink of an eye. Note to selves: pay keen attention at all times!                 (It’s also called the Chino mine and here’s more info on it if you are interested:   Back onto some dirt:              Read More →

Pronounced MAD-rid, this cool little mining-turned-artist community is nestled in the mountains between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  A popular motorcycling destination, Madrid is one of the coolest spots I’ve been to in a while. Probably most recently famous for being the location where the movie “Wild Hogs” was filmed, here is a link to more information on that spectacle. And here are a couple of my own (lesser famous) teaser pics…    Read More →

Well sweet! Just had a GREAT interview with Entertainment Radio Network. I’m so honored that they contacted me. The segment is on Adventure Motorcycling–and guess who they interviewed–ME! I love taking about the sport from the female adventurer’s perspective. is Entertainment Radio Network’s web site–not sure when the interview goes live but I’ll post again when it does. ~MAG (Alisa)Read More →

Logged almost 4,000 miles, mostly dirt. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and my KTM taught me lots of life lessons along the way.  (Mind your P’s and Q’s, don’t  carry too much heavy stuff, be nice to the locals, and even if you don’t pick exactly the right line, there’s usually a good substitute–or you just figure it out.) The plan: Edward and I were to ride some of the wildest, most remote open spaces the West has to offer. Montana=The Gravelly Range Wyoming=The Big Empty Colorado & Nevada=Pony Express Trail through the desert California=KTM Adventure Rally (not so empty) Nevada=Loneliest Road in America (Rt. 50, unfortunately paved) Oregon=some pavement chasing a fruitless errand Idaho & Montana=The Magruder Corridor (the largestRead More →

Record Temps predicted for Idaho this weekend…and we’re headed to the mountains on the motorbikes looking for hot springs! There are several commercial hot springs in our area (Heise Hot Springs, Lava Hot Springs), but Edward and I are going to head out on the KTM 950’s, ride the road less traveled, and find some “backcountry” hot springs to camp near. Edward has been working on a compilation of GPS waypoints for hot springs for the past year…I’m a lucky gal! <> Here are a few pics from our visit to Liard Hot Springs in Canada last year:Read More →

Well, I’m finally embracing Facebook (a little bit)…and one of the cool things about it is that I keep bumping into voices from the past… This week I saw Michael Murray on there. In 2008 Edward and I went to see his presentation on the Trans-America Trail (crossing America on all dirt roads and tracks)  at Max BMW (NY)…he gave out lots of good info, and sells lots of inspiring motorcycle adventure DVDs (www.MotorcycletravelDvds.Com) >>>Fast forward to the following summer, and Edward and I rode the Trans-America Trail together. >>>Fast forward to THIS summer, and Outrider Journal has published The Hard Way – Outrider Journal Summer 2011.   What’s so cool about Outrider Journal is large-format, 9 x 11-inch magazine thatRead More →

After my Women’s Tour, Edward met me in Sandpoint, ID, where we spent the holiday weekend with Martha and Kurt of Black Dog Cycle Works. It was really fun for us to ride the 500 miles home together–it’s been a coupe of months since we’d been able to ride together, and it brought up all the great memories of the summer we traveled together in 2009. The great, wide open of Montana and Idaho. Riding in to Idaho Falls… So we pull up, and there are three adventure bikes parked out front. Neat-o! I swung around back as I usually do to park, but then realized when would I have the opportunity to take a pic of FIVE KTM 950’sRead More →