Whenever I need (want?) a good dose of Internet, I have to drive up to the main lodge at Okambara. As I’ve said before, the farm is 15,000 hectares, so crossing it takes some time! Anyway, the main lodge is quite posh, and they serve coffee and cake every afternoon at 3:00 pm, so it’s not really a hardship if I plan to be there for 3 🙂 They have a waterhole at the lodge with a salt lick, and lots of interesting animals come there. Here’s a video I took of a group of Waterbick, and one amazing male Kudu.Read More →

Saw these four giraffes on Okambara last week as I was driving back from checking the box traps…they were pretty non-plussed by my arrival and just went on eating. Giraffes are so photogenic!!! (They also happen to stand still a bit better than, say, oryx!)   (If the video does not come through in your email you can click HERE to see it on YouTube)Read More →

Here are a few images of giraffes on Okambara. Some I can get pretty close to, and others I only can view from far away. They are one of the more fun animals to photograph because some aren’t even that bothered by you. The juveniles are the most fun to watch as they try and figure out just how scared of you they should be.                Read More →

Before coming to Namibia I’d never seen (and actually never even heard of) a kudu.   Here’s a picture of a female at a water hole: And here is another one in the bush:     A side view of her:   And here are some more that I took a picture of just this morning:     And here is a picture of a really nice buck: Spring is arriving and all the acacia are flowering.   Hm…I might have to make another kudu post…I remember taking a picture of another really nice buck and now I cannot find it.  Read More →

Two days ago I was up at the lodge. They have a water hole there. I never see so many waterbuck anywhere as I do at the lodge. NICE!   There was also a very nice kudu buck…Can you see him on the right at the salt lick?    Read More →

This morning I told Vera that I would check the box traps at Frankposten and Bergposten…so I made my tea, climbed into the Landcruiser, and took off across the farm. The morning tally was: 15 oryx (gemsbok) 4 oryx calves 50+ black wildebeest 11 sable antelope 15 springbok 5 kudu 2 giraffe 2 steenbok and a whole bunch of horses. Now why don’t I post pictures of everything I saw? Well, I did get pics of the sable and some kudu, but they locked inside my Canon with the big lens at the moment…I’m having some driver issues so I only have this one from the little camera. Sorry.Read More →

Last week IZW lead scientist took one of our volunteer groups out to train us on how to use the telemetry equipment. We found them and had a marvelous encounter. Okambara Elephant Lodge is one of three (I believe) farms with elephants on it in Namibia. The rest are on the National Parks.Read More →

I have so much to tell you about Namibia (it’s been building up the month I have been here.) But first, the reason we are here: Studying Leopards, Cheetah and Elephants. I am here working for Biosphere Expeditions through the middle of December. I’m the expedition leader, which means that I am in charge of group safety, group dynamics, logistics, and a whole array of other things with a list too long to type! I am working with Vera Menges, who is here researching leopards for her PhD. She also works for Biosphere (she and I together head the group) and her PhD study is in conjunction with IZW of Berlin, Germany. IZW has a compound on Okambara where BiosphereRead More →

Remember I said I’d be making a home somewhere else for a while? Well, I’ve long dreamed of going to Africa…a wild continent full of exotic animals I’ve only previously watched on “Animal Planet”. When you receive this I will be en route! I’ll be working for Biosphere Expeditions, the Non Profit Wildlife Conservation company.  I’ll be leading seven (perhaps eight) groups of volunteers that want to participate in our project studying leopards, cheetahs and elephants. It’s a dream come true for me, combining my love of animals,  wildlife conservation, travel, and people.  Here’s more information on the expedition: http://www.biosphere-expeditions.org/2-week-expeditions/wildlife-volunteering-vacations-with-leopards-elephants-cheetahs-in-na.html if you are curious. This expedition just won a prestigious National Geographic Award (as they are always winning awards forRead More →