Megared rides!

Megared rides!


Megared flew in last Friday and bought the Twisted DR650 I rode to South America. What a great gal! She flew in with minimal stuff, installed a windshield on the bike, helped me install a new front tire for her, loaded up, and was OFF! I mean, no test ride, no practice, just off-like-a shot!  Check out the pic of the tree-lined street…that was me trying to get a picture of her leaving but she just rocketed right down the street 🙂

We had a fun visit (for me, anyways– how often do I get to wrench on bikes with another gal?)

Red, I hope you have a lot of fun with that bike. Sorry I won’t be attending the Horizons Unlimited Cambria event with you.



  1. Did she give you the money in payment for the bike? Ha ha!

    1. Author

      She did–and yes, she rode it like she stole it 🙂

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