YouTube Video–riding in the Himalayas (sheep crossing)


This was our last day of riding on the tour–we’d just left Jispa and were headed up and over the mountains back to Manali.


  1. I cannot believe you passed that vehicle on the cliff side of the road!! The drop off looks terrifying. Cannot believe the sheep didn’t go over the edge.

    1. Author

      Some of the sheep DID go over the edge…but somehow with their little cloven feet they manage to hang on. I think a large TaTa (truck) went through them after us…THAT is really amazing.

      Oh, and India was at one time colonized by the British (Britishers as my guide keeps saying) and so they drive on the Left side of the road. Sometimes I forget….

      More hair raising videos to come! 🙂

  2. oh, I wondered why you passed that truck on the left! I’m with your mom – no way! You were waaaaay too close to the edge. Can you say ‘vertigo’? I can’t imagine how the sheep made it past the truck.

    1. Author

      Well, gollee, it’s not like I *wanted* to go near the edge! But if you are gonna stick your neck out, at least do it with confidence!

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