OMG! I’m in India!

I am touring with and riding the highest roads in the world –in the Himalayas! We’ll also be visiting some of the most remote villages and temples along the Tibetan-Indian border, as well as visiting with some nomads if we can find them!

I may not have too much access to email and communications, but check my Facebook page for the SPOT messages I send, and you can be sure that I will post lots of pictures after I get back. (I get back October 2nd)




  1. Wow. Was this planned or did it just happen via your connections?

    Are you lonely for the U.S. yet? So stressful dealing with all the Other-cultural norms 🙂

    I’m a happy V Strom rider now and love that bike, although I dump it a lot. Ha ha. Took an advanced rider course today, learned why I fall off all the time (duh) and taking a level 2 off road class this month-REALLY looking forward to that one after a ride with AltRider a week or so ago.

    You inspire me, Alisa! The expedition group’s photos look like tons of isolation!

    Blessings to you as you ride and meet new people.

    1. Author

      Hi Robin,

      Honestly? On the days I feel poorly due to altitude (mainly headaches, shortness of breath, irritability) or digestive issues, those are the days it just seems over the top and I kinda get down and fantasize about coming home early. (Or at least ask myself WHY I scheduled a MONTH over here). I guess the answer is that I HAD a month, and it’s such a bloody long travel stint to get here I might as well maximize it.

      I really am the luckiest girl int he world because I hooked up with an amazing tour company that’s taken care of my every need….and that’s made me feel guilty, in a way, about feeling out of sorts here because Motorcycle Expeditions has really gone out of their way to make sure every need is met, even needs I don’t know I have (like reminding me to keep drinking water, etc.) And now? I’ve wangled with them to borrow a bike for the next two weeks and explore on my own. LUCKY GIRL INDEED!

  2. Wow!

    La Paz was good preparation. Let me know if you can get a decent grilled cheese sandwich in that part of the world.

    Your continuing admirer,


    1. Author

      Hiya Jim, yeah, am having the same altitude/digestive issues here, so yes, La Paz prepared me well. I don’t think I want to eat the cheese here…:-)

  3. Oh my gosh, the last time I checked you were around the Continental Divide riding!
    Being in India, very jealous.

  4. Cant wait to see the photos of your trip, be safe, thanks for sharing your trip!

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